Yalllah Trust Coffee

This is a profound coffee that’s rich in flavour and body. Perfect for a heart warming brew or a syrupy espresso. This will hit the spot on those early crisp mornings. It’s an easy brew – so don’t be shy – and utterly delicious how ever you like your coffee.

Washing Mill: Agri Evolve
Region: Rwenzori Mountains
Variety: SL14, SL28
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Cocoa, toasted nuts, molasses & currants.

Since 2015, the farmers have been encouraged to sell their coffee at the cherry stage to the Agri Evolve Community Buying Centres. Before this, the farmers processed it  themselves and sold it green. However, this meant walking for hours to their local town – risking the dilemma of taking an unfair price from a buyer, or facing the long journey back and hoping the price would improve.

Now, there are over 15 centres located across the region – where the coffee can be processed in a quality controlled environment and offer transparency to the farmers. This  includes the guidance to coordinate their harvest for the best and fairest possible coffee prices.


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