Yallah Decafeinated Coffee

Long gone are the days of subpar decaf coffee. This one’s a sweet showstopper – so well rounded that you couldn’t tell that it’s 0.1% caffeine. Add milk of any variety, and you’ll enhance that deliciously creamy and malty taste even more.

Producers: Smallholder Farmers of Huila
Region: Huila, Cauca
Variety: Castillo, Colombia & Caturra
Process: Washed E.A Sugarcane Decaf
Tasting Notes: Malted Barley & Cocoa

This coffee is decaffeinated using alcohol produced locally and derived from sugar cane – our favourite way of decaffeination. This leaves the coffee  99.9% caffeine free but sacrificing no taste or flavour. Magic.

When extracting caffeine, water is not used in the process other than steaming and moistening at the prepping stage. So barely any water waste – if not at all.


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