Dengie Hi Fi Molasses Free- 20kg

  • A tasty blend of nutritious alfalfa with high-quality soft cereal straw

  • The inclusion of tasty herbs mint and fenugreek plus alfalfa pellets creates interest and taste, perfect for fussy eaters

  • A light rapeseed oil coating provides slow-release energy and creates lovely coat shine

  • Low in calories, providing just 8.5MJ/kg Digestible Energy – ideal for horses or ponies in light to medium work or those that maintain weight with ease

  • Suitable for horses and ponies that require a low sugar and starch ration, such as those prone to laminitis, EMS or PPID

  • Naturally low in starch (1.5%) and sugar (2.5%) – approximately one fifth of the sugar found in average hay

  • No grass to ensure simple sugar and storage sugar levels are minimal

  • Can be used as a partial forage replacer

  • 100% Natural – free from molasses and preservatives


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