Dengie Alfa A Oil – 20kg

Alfa-A Oil is our fibre feed with the highest slow release energy level, ideal for fuelling horses in work, promoting weight gain and generating exceptional condition.

  • A blend of alfalfa and rapeseed oil providing 12.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy from fibre and oil – a comparable energy level to a competition or conditioning mix or cube, but with 10x less starch

  • Alfa-A Oil is rich in highly digestible fibre and packed with natural vitamins and minerals

  • Alfalfa is a widely recognised ingredient for promoting digestive health due to its natural buffering  properties. Alfa-A Oil is approved by BETA for horses and ponies prone to Equine Gastric Ulcers Syndrome

  • Abundant in quality protein for aiding topline and muscle development

  • Contains no added sugar and is naturally low in starch at just 2%

  • High in oil for show ring condition, healthy skin and exceptional coat shine

  • Free from molasses, preservatives and straw

  • Contains 100% natural ingredients grown in the UK


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