Ann’s Pasty Medium Steak – Frozen

You never talk of a “Cornish pasty” in Cornwall. It’s always pasty, pure and simple.

The classic pasty comprises of turnip (referred to as swede outside of Cornwall), onion, beef and potato. 

The potato and turnip is chipped into flakes and the onion thinly sliced. These ingredients are layered and seasoned within a pastry round, the edges of the pastry are brought up around this filling and crimped.


Cooking Instructions

Pop the pasties on some greaseproof paper allowing enough room between each pasty (if they release some fluid when cooking re-tray half way through for a nice crispy bottom).

From chilled: 165C approx 30 mins

From frozen: 180C approx 1hour

Times vary dependent on your oven type.


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