Your 2022 Paddock Maintenance Calendar

Suregrow fertiliser

Grass is the most natural and lowest cost feed for your horse. Here are some handy tips inspired by the producers of Suregrow Horse and Pony Paddock Fertilisers to help you make the most of your grazing all year round, provide your horse with a quality natural diet and to protect the longevity and growing cycle of your paddock.


These are the worst of the winter months, the important thing at this time of year is to minimize the damage to your paddocks. Try to reduce the amount of poaching (wearing out of the grass) by not leaving your horse out too long. Keep poo picking your paddocks, as poo left on the ground does restrict grass growth.


If possible, harrowing your paddock has the benefit of removing any dead grass and moss, aerating the grass and dispersing any poo heaps and mole hills.

When the temperature starts to rise a quality fertiliser such as Suregrow Horse and Pony Paddock Fertiliser should be applied. Fertilising replenishes the nutrients lost over winter and gives the grass the nutrients it requires to stimulate good growth.

When there is no risk of frost is an ideal time to roll your paddocks. Rolling has little benefit to the grass, but does make the paddock look better and it can flatten out divots and ruts. You do not want to roll if the ground is too dry.

This is also the time of year to repair or reseed your paddocks, the Suregrow range of grass seed mixes are blended specially for horse and pony paddocks. We have products to meet different situations such as reseeding, repairing heavily trafficked areas such as gateways and feeding areas, and a specialist Laminitic mix which produces lower soluble carbohydrate and sugar content grass.


Grass growth is at its greatest during May and June but be careful not to give your horses too much fresh grass to avoid the risk of laminitis, if necessary strip grazing can be used. The benefit of Suregrow Fertiliser is the slow release nitrogen produces a more sustained grass growth without the flush associated with traditional fertilisers. In the same way, this period of the year will also see strong weed growth, so it is the ideal time to carry out weed control.


These are the true summer months for all to enjoy, but in periods of drought try not to overgraze your paddocks. In very hot weather it is good practice to keep your horse inside during the hottest part of the day and turn out overnight. Poo picking is especially important as it otherwise it will reduce the grass growing area, risk scorching the grass and attract flies. Topping any excessive growth or seeded grass should be carried out, as this can help stimulate growth.


At the end of summer the days get cooler and there is usually an autumn flush of grass growth. Giving your paddocks a top dressing of Suregrow horse and pony paddock fertiliser will encourage this growth. The benefit of grass growth at this time of year is the thicker and denser the grass is going into winter, the better it will be protected over the winter. Reseeding and patching of bare patches can be carried out if needed.


Over the winter, try and protect your grassland as much as possible by not over grazing your land. As always keep poo picking whatever the weather.

It is a year round job caring for your land, and in return it will ensure it successfully fulfils your needs to feed your horses and ponies. We are proud to stock both the suregrow fertiliser and grass seed to help you look after your paddock’s needs. If you need any more information or advice, please give us call on 01326 379888

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