Spring Is Here!

With the arrival of spring, many are relishing the outdoors, tending to their gardens and giving them the care they deserve after the chilly winter months. For those nurturing lawns, big or small, here are some essential tips to guide them through the growth spurt of spring and the flourishing summer ahead. Consistent upkeep, particularly during spring, is the cornerstone of ensuring a lush lawn that can be savoured throughout the sunny season.

Mowing: As temperatures rise, your grass will awaken and start its upward journey. Regular mowing is essential to promote healthy growth and maintain vitality. Opt for frequent, light mowing sessions, especially as spring transitions into summer and growth accelerates. Cutting the grass too short risks hindering its growth for the season and causing harm.

Combatting Moss: Moss can be a persistent issue in damp, poorly drained lawns, a common woe for many gardeners. Spring offers an opportune time to tackle this challenge head-on. Start by enhancing garden drainage using a garden fork or appropriate tool, systematically aerating the lawn by inserting the fork and gently manoeuvring it around every six inches. Follow this by applying a blend of topsoil, compost, and sharp sand into the holes, aiding drainage while nourishing the grass and combating moss growth. Subsequently, employ scarification to remove excess moss, utilizing a garden rake to rejuvenate the lawn. If you’re considering upgrading your garden tools, explore our selection of Greenman tools, renowned for their quality craftsmanship and suitability for various garden tasks.

Fertilization: Spring feeding invigorates your lawn, fortifying it against weeds and moss. We advocate for Suregrow fertilizer, a reliable choice that not only nurtures your lawn throughout the growing season but also finds utility in horse paddocks. Apply it when rain is forecasted for optimal effectiveness. Learn more about Suregrow fertilizer via our website.

Over-seeding: For areas where moss or weeds have been treated or grass growth is sparse, over-seeding becomes imperative. Mid-spring or early autumn presents the ideal window for this task. Our 1kg bags of Hard and Fine wearing grass seed cover 40 square meters, while larger areas can be addressed with our 20kg bags.

Watering: While lawns may suffer browning and dryness during summer, they typically bounce back with the return of rain. Hence, watering during summer is often unnecessary. However, if watering becomes essential to maintain a verdant lawn, do so only when the soil dries out but before the grass shows signs of stress. Aerating compacted soil with a garden fork prior to watering enhances water penetration. Generally, watering once a week or every 10 days suffices.

We trust these insights will empower you in your lawn care endeavours this year. Should you seek further guidance or product recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team!