Reasons to Celebrate….in February

Wild bird feed sold at baileys country store in 20kg or 2kg bags

Where is the time going!

We are already half way through February and everyone in the store feel like its time to focus on celebrating…anything and everything that we can.

Despite the lockdown or maybe because it we need to make sure that we enjoy the small things and celebrate whenever and wherever we can.

Spring is on the Horizon

It has to be celebrated that the that the mornings and evening are getting lighter. This can only mean that spring is creeping closer, despite the bitterly cold winds this week. Snow drops and daffodils are starting to pop their little heads out from the soil and our gardens are generally starting to wake up.
Without needing to leave your garden why don’t you shop online by following this link for all your garden compost and manure to give your garden a helping hand towards spring.  We can deliver locally for a small fee. 

Wild Bird Song to Lift the Spirits

Our little feathered garden friends have brought many people joy throughout the winter months. To hear birdsong while we are out and about is a wonderful way to lift the spirits.

You can now buy our wild bird food online by following this link and get it delivered straight to your door.

A Evening Curled up In-front of the Fire

The days maybe getting lighter but its still cold…

Therefore a daily celebration for many but also a necessity is to light the log burner or open fire every evening.

Yes, we have to spend a lot more time at home, but at least we can enjoy doing it in front of a roaring fire.

We sell everything you might need in store and online by following this link to enjoy this daily celebration. Kiln dried wood, coal, smokeless anthracites, fuel logs, matches and firelighters. All of which can be delivered to your door if you live locally to us.

If you are stuck on what to choose then give us a call and we can give you some advice.

A Reason to Celebrate needs to be Embraced

Whether your celebrating your friends and loved ones birthday, wedding anniversary or Valentines day why not browse through our new gift section. This is always being added to and is great way to send your love to those who you cant be spending time with at the moment.

However on a smaller scale who doesn’t like to celebrate any occasion with cake and sweet treats? An unexpected sweet treat is a great way to improve anyone’s day.

Having opened our own deli kitchen just before Christmas Sal, our in-store chef has been cooking up a storm every day. Most of the time she is selling her cakes, sausage rolls and soups straight out of the oven to waiting customers. Alongside this we have a wide selection of other sweet treats for you to choose from online and in store.

Hope to see you in store soon or similarly if you need a hand with a food or supplies delivery straight to your door then get in touch.