Wild Garlic Yarg

Wild Garlic Yarg from Lynher Dairies is a holder of a coveted Supergold at the World Cheese Awards, which means the judges  considered it one of the top seventy cheeses in the world. It bursts with natural goodness.

They make it from creamy grass-rich milk from local farms by milling the curd and packing it into moulds which are pressed overnight. Once they release the truckles, they bob in a briny bath for 24 hours before their ‘nettlers’ wrap them. Six weeks later, the leaves have helped to create a slightly firmer texture than the crumbly nettled Yarg .By this time, they have darkened in colour and impart a gentle garlicky flavour. We like to say Wild Garlic Yarg whispers rather than shouts its name. It’s hard to believe but both Yargs are made in exactly the same way, until it comes to painting on the leaves. The striking difference in taste and texture is all down to nature.


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