Chocolarder Drinking Chocolate 240g

Drinking chocolate, done the Chocolarder way. This isn’t just your average hot chocolate; this is a luxurious mix of cocoa powder and grated chocolate for a rich and delicious flavour journey. You’ve heard that we’re bean-to-bar, but now we can say we’re bean-to-cup too! And, as always, in entirely plastic free packaging.

Chocolarders drinking chocolate is made from a house blend of two single estates—Kuapa Kokoo (“good cocoa farmer” in Twi) in Ghana and Seram Island in Indonesia. The Kuapa Kokoo beans are from a great cooperative that is working to change cocoa farming in Ghana, and the Seram Island Estate beans are from a plantation that promotes gender empowerment and job opportunities for the tribal communities in the surrounding hills. Together, this blend becomes a deep, sweet, creamy hot chocolate drink that is sure to warm anyone’s cockles. After all, it’s not just about great taste; but about supporting worthwhile projects as well.

Nutty cocoa melting into sweet caramel and fudge with subtle flavours of soft brown fruit


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