Veteran Vitality -20kg

Veteran Vitality has been specially formulated for horses and ponies from the first signs of ageing. It contains a good calorie level to help with weight maintenance along with nutritional requirements for optimum health in older horses and ponies. Once soaked it forms a soft mash making it very easy for any horses with dental problems to chew. Veteran Vitality is high in fibre and low in starch and sugar making it ‘kinder’ on the digestive system. A special blend of premium grade herbs are included, such as mint, nettle, dandelion and fenugreek, which also make it highly palatable, even to fussy feeders!

Ideal for . . .
Older horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work
Older horses and ponies struggling to maintain weight
Horses and ponies requiring slow release, stamina giving energy
Fussy feeders
Horses and ponies struggling to chew due to worn or missing teeth
Horses with intolerances to barley, alfalfa and/or molasses

Benefits of Veteran Vitality . . .
High in fibre and low in starch and sugar
Balanced with vitamins and minerals and elevated vitamin C and E
Contains a live yeast probiotic and prebiotics (FOS & MOS) for healthy digestion
Includes linseed – a good source of Omega 3
Highly palatable with natural herbs, including: Mint, Nettle Dandelion, Garlic, Fenugreek
Barley, molasses and alfalfa free


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