Yallah House Espresso Ground- 250g

A really popular. locally ground and sustainably sourced coffee. Very fine ground which suits stove-tops and espresso machines.

Our house range is all about sweet and delicious coffee that’s suitable for every type of brew. A bit of an all-rounder, you might say. We visit the producers and know the gate price for the coffee (the actual money the farmers receive). This year, from Nicaragua we know this was around 20% over the commodity price.

This is a small, community lot from a tiny village called Mozonte. In the cup, expect the most delightful mix of chocolate, toffee, and roasted hazelnuts. It’s easy to brew and has a wonderful syrupy mouthfeel that leaves you wanting more; making, you might say, the perfect house coffee.

We cupped lots of coffees with Martha earlier this year and this one really stood out, both because of its interesting flavour and the opportunity to work directly with the producers from Monzonte in years to come. Martha’s friendship with the producers was also a key part; you could tell instantly there was respect and friendship on both sides, and we’re excited to see where this relationship takes us.

The mill’s ability to sell some of the larger “community” lots to the same buyers as the single varietals create stability for the producers. They can work with one mill they trust will sell their entire crop. This brings financial security and the opportunity to invest and develop relationships that can contribute to future growth and improvement.

Producers: Mozonte Community
Origin: Dipilto, Nicaragua
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica
Taste: Toffee, hazelnut and cocoa


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