Lars and Margo Sumartran Coffee – 250G

This Sumatran origin coffee is a real heavyweight winner. If you like a coffee packed full of flavour then this one is for you! With a herbal body with a great depth of flavour showcasing marjoram and nutmeg with a sweet spice finish.

Single Origin


Country: Sumatra
Region: Aceh Province
Farm: Koperasi Permata Co Op
Altitude: 1400m
Process: Semi-Washed
Tasting notes:  Marjoram, Nutmeg & Sweet Spice Finish
Cup Score: 84

A mix of Catimor & Typica beans from the Koperasi Permata Gayo Co-Operative, which is a collective of five villages, on the slopes of Mount Leuser, in the Bandar sub-district, Aceh Province, Sumatra. Altitude 1400 meters above sea level and processed by the unique to Sumatra, semi-washed process.

This describes a process where the bean is wet processed as usual, but dry-milled whilst still with a larger amount of moisture (20-25%) in the bean than you would find in other countries. This is mainly due to the high humidity levels experienced throughout the country, necessitating a quickened drying process.


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