Lars and Margo Honduran Melado Coffee – 250g

The name derives from the process through which the seed (coffee bean) is obtained from the fruit. The coffee cherry is pulped with minimal water, aiding water conservation, then dried in raised drying beds with the natural honeys and mucilage that surround the outer layers of the bean.

This coffee is farmed and hand harvested in southwest Honduras as part of the farmers COMSA trade association which ensures the quality of the coffee production whilst also guaranteeing that they receive a fair price for their coffee. This coffee is certified Fair Trade.

Light-Medium Roast

Country: Honduras

Region: Barrio La Victoria , Marcala

Altitude: 1600-1750m

Process: Semi-Washed

Tasting notes: Ripe Red Fruit, Slight Citrus Undertones, Subtle Milk Chocolate Finish

Cup Score: 85

100% Arabica


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