Bloomin Amazing No Dig Soil Enricher – 70L

We are really excited to have this new no dig, soil enricher in stock. It has been sustainably produced, as the by product of a renewable energy plant near Poundbury in Devon. A project that has been spearheaded by the Duchy of Cornwall with a focus on renewable energy.

Why we think you will love it:

  • It improves the soil quality without the need for digging it in. All you need to do it just add it to the top of beds and borders.
  • It can be used all year round to get the best results.
  • It’s brilliant as a mulch to suppress weed growth.
  • Due to the way its been produced it’s high in organic matter and is also 100% peat free.
  • Its feeds plants with essential nutrients that they need to continue to produce the Bloomin Amazing results that we all want to see in our gardens.
  • It aid moisture retention, it’s light weight, clean and almost odorless.

70 lite bags available from our store in Penryn, Cornwall or delivered locally for a small fee.


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