Introducing our Guest Cornish Brewer of the Month … Spingo Ales

Spingo Ales baileys guest brewer of the the month for october

We are delighted to introduce Spingo Ale’s as Baileys Country Store’s first guest brewer for the month of October. There are so many amazing Cornish beers that we wanted you to try that we thought we  introduce this new guest appearance in the shop. If you really like them then we will look to keep them!

Legend has it that Spingo Ale has been brewed at the infamous Blue Anchor in nearby Helston for approximately 600 years. The Blue Anchor, Cornwall’s oldest brewery is one of only four brew pubs in the country that has continued brewing throughout it’s history. Now we can offer you the opportunity to enjoy these historic ales at home!

Spingo Bens stout

Spingo’s Ben’s Stout 4.8%

A rich traditional Cornish stout with undertones of Coffee.

£3.70 per 500ml bottle

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Spingo Ales Flora Daze sold at baileys country store

Spingo Flora Daze 4%

Smooth Hoppy Ale with a Smooth, Delicate, Dry finish with a Citrus/Floral smell.

£3.60 per 500ml bottle

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Spingo jubilee IPA sold at baileys country store.

Spingo Jubilee IPA 4.5%

Smooth Indian Pale with a complex personality.

£3.60 per 500ml bottle

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Flora Middle Ale sold at baileys country store

Spingo Middle 5%

Smooth, reddish, malty and lightly hopped ale.

£3.70 per 500ml bottle.

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Spingo Special sold at baileys country store

Spingo Special 6.6%

Smooth, strong ale which is dark reddish in colour. Malty, fruity, with a smell of a rich fruit cake.

£4.50 per 500ml bottle

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